Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scaffold Manual in Rails 2

Following the Rails 2.0 hype, I’ve been playing around with it and decided to share a first impression: Scaffolding is gone!a

But wait, before you knock your head against the wall, let me tell you something: I lied
Scaffolding is not really gone. It’s just changed a bit.

How can I tell? Well, as a good developer I thought: “I’ll just create a scaffold with the new version and see what’s different”

I fired up a terminal, created a news rails application and generated a new model:

$ script/generate model Contact name:string email:string - yes you can do this in rails 2.0, and these fields get into your model’s migration!

Now the I have a new model, it’s time for a controller to manage it:

$ script/generate controller Contacts

So your controller would look something like this huh?

class ContactsController < ApplicationController
scaffold :contact

Well, too bad! The method scaffold is gone from ActionController::Base! And I’m not lying this time!

Now that the dynamic scaffold is gone, we’re left with the static one.
Ok, let’s try it then:

$ script/generate scaffold contact

And it won’t work again! At the end of the output, you will get something like this:

Another migration is already named create_contacts: db/migrate/001_create_contacts.rb

It really means that if your model is meant to be used by a scaffold, you better generate it in the same line. It will fail, afaik, if the model previously existed. Destroy your model and controller, and execute the following:

$ script/generate scaffold Contact name:string email:string

Done! Just run your migrations, startup your server and your new scaffold in rails 2.0 will be working gracefully!

It took me a while to discover this changes because I didn’t find it well documented. But maybe I was not looking in the right places.


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