Sunday, August 8, 2010

New will_paginate v3.0.pre for Rails 3 compatibility

Hello paginators,
Rails 3 was released last night and it broke a lot in will_paginate. I've
quickly pushed out a compatible release based on the "agnostic" branch
(actually, its "rails3" branch).
Install it from Gemcutter:
$ gem install will_paginate --pre
*Important:* This release only works with Rails 3.0.0.beta and not older
versions of Rails.
will_paginate 3.0.pre is a prerelease of the rewrite of will_paginate that
has no dependencies and is framework-agnostic. Features are Merb support
(there are a few kinds to be sorted in a following update), DataMapper
pagination, Sequel support, basic ActiveResource and more to be finalized.
In will_paginate 3.0 final there will be full Merb view pagination, full
ActiveResource and long awaited i18n support through the I18n gem.
However, several features of ActiveRecord integration will be dropped. First
one that is gone is support for dynamic finders
(`Model.paginate_by_foo_and_bar(value1, value2, :page => 1`). To work around
it, write this:
Model.where(:foo => value1, :bar => value2).paginate(:page => 1)
I'll write more about reasons for these feature drops in the future.
Read about backwards-incompatible changes on the wiki:
http://wiki.github.com/mislav/will_paginate/backwards-incompatibility Github diff:


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