Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life after the iPhone 4, Hello Samsung Galaxy S

 Taking back my iPhone 4 to my local O2 shop was a difficult decision. On one hand it is a superb phone, probably the best I’ve ever had, but on the other hand I strongly disagreed with the way Apple have handled the whole #antennagate issue. From initially denying any problem through the infamous ‘Just avoid holding it that way’ email reply from Steve Jobs through to their latest free bumper response it’s just not been handled as well as it could have been.

 The iPhone 4 (apart from that problem) is without doubt a fine piece of design – it’s slick, the user experience amazingly intuitive and the screen is breathtakingly good, but it does have a fundamental hardware issue. The combination of the reception problem, the PR disaster and O2 accepting the return of phones made my mind up for me – return time.
 A simple, but brilliant advert from Samsung got my attention, during my decision making process:

 My mind was obviously in a place where an advert like this immediately makes me begin to consider this product as an alternative and the next time I had a browser available I searched for reviews of ‘iPhone 4 v Samsung Galaxy S’. The reviews are pretty consistent in their comparisons; at this point in time the iPhone 4 is the slightly better product. The real potential with the Samsung phone is that the overall experience is very nearly as good as the iPhone and I honestly feel that I’m one software upgrade from being on a level playing field.

 The first impression you get from the phone is that it looks very similar to the iPhone 3GS from the front, but as soon as you pick it up you notice the first big difference – the weight. It’s very slim and very light and for some reason this makes you question the quality of the device. Thankfully once you power up the phone the super-AMOLED screen removes all those questions – it’s wonderfully bright, colours are superbly defined and the size is ideal.


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