Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Will The iPhone 5 Have a Smooth Release Like The iPad 2?

Apple’s famed developers conference has traditionally served as the platform for announcing new iPhones. But a breaking news story from Wired suggests that the iPhone 5 will not be announced at the WWDC. What does this mean for the launch date of the iPhone 5? Read about it below:
To everything there is a season — except when it comes to Steve Jobs and Apple. Since the very beginning of the iPhone 5 rumor cycle, safe money has been on the prediction that the new iPhone would be announced sometime in June of 2011. After all, it was a reasonable assumption, since historically this is when the new iteration of iPhone is released. Few tech analysts have been willing to even imagine that this sacred iPhone cycle could ever be broken.
However, new reliable sources are suggesting that no new Apple hardware — including the much-anticipated iPhone 5 — will be making a debut at the WWDC in June of this year. This makes it even more likely that the iPhone 5 will have a late summer or early Fall 2011 release, just as the iPhone 5 News Blog has predicted all along.

Early reports indicate that fewer defects and glitches are being reported on the iPad 2 than were reported with last year’s iPad release. But does a smooth iPad 2 release necessarily indicate a similarly smooth release for the iPhone 5?

So far, it has been smooth sailing for Apple in 2011.
After some initial glitches with the first iPad’s launch in 2010 and a few flubs surrounding the iPhone 4, our favorite gadget company seems to have regained their mojo: the iPad 2 has been a relatively smooth release. To be sure, there have been some flaws and defects reported with the screen, as well as some weak Wi-Fi issues with the base model iPad 2, but these complaints are sporadic at best. The sum total of iPad 2 press has been quite positive.

The initial success of the iPad 2 begs an interesting question: can we expect the iPhone 5 will have a similarly smooth ride when it is finally released sometime in 2011?
Making that prediction is a lot more complicated.
The good news for the iPhone 5 is that the dual core A5 chip seems to be performing nicely in the iPad 2. This tells us that processing should not be an issue with the iPhone 5. However, it’s looking more and more like there will be a number of new bells and whistles on the iPhone 5 that could lead to complications, glitches, and flaws.


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