images20 Apple Vs Android   Apple iPhone market climbs is hurting Android

The competition between Apple [AAPL] and Android is finally becoming more egalitarian, with the introduction of the iPhone for Verizon in the United States, boosting Apple’s market share and reach increasing at the expense of its rival. With new mobile devices expected in the wing of a likely launch in September, the competition between the two is expected to intensify, with Apple taking over its rivals on price, functionality and reliability. Android has not won.

Apple climbs
Check out the latest data from Strategy Analytics. Released the next day, she reveals that ZTE has surpassed Apple in Q1 of 2011 to become the world’s largest maker of handsets in the fourth row, up to sixth place a year ago.
Strategy Analytics said: “Apple has sold a record 18,600,000 phones worldwide in Q1 2011, has more than doubled from 8.8 million units in Q1 2010 Apple captured fourth place in the phone deliveries from sixth last year and jump .. ZTE rival Apple continues to enjoy strong operator subsidies and co-marketing, enabling its global handset share to achieve a healthy 5 percent for the quarter. ”
The 5 percent of the market on the basis of what is now four types of phone: the iPhone iPhone 4, 4 Dell Vostro 1310 Battery Verizon, iPhone White 4 (available at the time) and the iPhone 3G. However, four of these devices provide a consistent user experience that nature can not promise Android.

images210 Apple Vs Android   Apple iPhone market climbs is hurting Android

New records
The Apple iPhone sales record in its last quarter, 18650000 iPhones during the quarter ended March 26. This represents an increase of 113 percent compared to 8.75 million phones in the same period next year.
The only way (at least for now) is in place, with rumors claiming Apple will introduce a new iPhone in September, also hopes to be where the company should diversify its portfolio further with the addition of phone features to its line iPod.
Consider this: an iPod phone is no iPhone, lending flexibility in features – but it would probably be popular, probably put the “innovation” just for movies Apple phone market and help Apple continue its growth strategy clear construction in developing markets. In other words, the growth of Apple.
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Compare the market
What was the competition? Not good. As I always say, this is not Apple brand is competing with Android – is another. It is a difficult task that
* Not Nokia, which shipped 108 500 000 phones worldwide in Q1 2011, a 1 percent per year – a growth model below the average firm has held for eleven quarters. Apple has exceeded revenue by Nokia for the period.
* LG has sent a less than expected 24,500,000 mobile phones worldwide in Q1 of 2011, up 10 percent from the previous year. Seller phone shipments were below the industry average and its worldwide market share fell to 7 percent, the lowest level since Q1 2007.
* 68,900,000 Samsung mobile phones shipped worldwide in the first quarter of 2011, up 7% from 64.3 million units last year. Despite the hype around the Android market leader, Samsung HP Pavilion dv6000 real market share of the handset battery has slipped from 22percent to 20 percent. 16 percent of phones are smartphones from Samsung and the company is struggling with HTC “in the Android market leadership,” said Strategy Analytics.
* The large companies in Africa and Latin America, China’s ZTE mobile phone maker shipped 15.2 million phones worldwide in Q1 2011. The company will make strides in the manufacture of phones based on Android this year – and bad news for Samsung and LG in the Android space, more of a challenge for Microsoft and Nokia, and more changes in the force RIM.
A quick review of market conditions (by Strategy Analytics)
“The mobile phone shipments grew 17 percent annually and reached 350 million units in Q1 2011, driven by rising smartphones in mature areas and popular multi-SIM models in emerging markets. This year is the first year in each quarter is over 300 million units. The first quarter of 2011 was marked by disturbances in the supply chain linked to the tragedy of the earthquake in Japan and during mild stress component in areas such as touch screens, memory and cameras. We hope that the shortage of global component chosen to continue at least for the next 6 to 9 months, resulting in restricted volumes or prices of inputs for some mobile phone manufacturers. But at this stage, in general, the operational challenges posed by these constraints minor parties remain central to most players. ”
So we can anticipate a shortage in products, but Apple already control much of the capacity, do not be surprised to see competitors fail once the company starts to really cut iPhone prices during the quarter.

images33 Apple Vs Android   Apple iPhone market climbs is hurting Android

Apples and Oranges
Listen, there is no such thing as a generic Android phone. Just a lot of different devices, all with different characteristics, all marketed under a dimorphic entity, called Android. Apart from the operating system, there is no benchmark for systematically comparing the large number of Android devices to Apple, at best you look at the iPhone Android phones, and the Acer Aspire 5520 Battery selling the iPhone one of them.
With the switch to Verizon, we now see a fairer competition between Apple and Android devices.
National Development Plan claims have boosted sales of Apple’s iPhone Verizon to become the third mobile phone brand in the U.S. before HTC, Motorola and RIM. Analysts believe the iPhone has had 14 percent of U.S. market in the first quarter of 2011, behind Samsung (23 percent) and LG (18 percent).
Apple is gaining share of mind, too. A comScore report says that if you include all units in the United States using IOS (iPhone, iPod touch and IPAD), Apple reached 37,900,000 people. Android has come to 23.8 million phones and tablets. Apple has 59 percent.
In Europe, Apple has Android 116 percent. As noted by colleague Jim Dalrymple, “This is the truth.”
So when Apple’s next smartphone?

* Media of the cloud through iTunes
IPhone Diversity *
* The price reduction
* Continue efforts to market development
* More improvements to the software function
* Quad-core processors with more advanced graphics.
Meanwhile, competitors are in the grip of an online advertising company, chose to rely on their busines. Google is now the vein for future development and innovation of software for mobile phone manufacturers in the world – but how long that innovation latest announcements reduction for income?