Thursday, July 1, 2010

Legal Trouble for Apple Over iPhone 4 Reception

Assuming that Apple knew about the problem before releasing the phone constitutes fraudulent marketing according to customers from San Franciso, Maryland, and New Jersey in an article by Edvard Pettersson.

 Just days afterApple’s (News - Alert)release of the gadget, the iPhone 4 took some serious criticism from consumers about the sub-par reception on the phone. Despite the announcement that the iPhone (News - Alert) 4 is “the most successful product ever launched by Apple” having sold 1.7 million within four days, Apple is having difficulty deflecting the consumers’ complaints regarding the infamous reception.
“Seeking to represent other iPhone buyers in a class-action lawsuit,” the filers of the complaints of false advertising appear to represent those 1.7 million people who were misled into buying the world’s most pristine piece of technology when all they got was a crappy phone.
 Of course, there are proponents and defenders of the new gadget who claim that it does not  have any other problems than a normal mobile phone, not to mention Steve Jobs’s (News - Alert) response which was essentially “simply telling customers to avoid situations that would warrant less-than-perfect reception,” according to an article for TMCnet.
Dydyk, in particular, claimed that Apple should “ship a bumper for free to customers who pre-ordered an iPhone 4 before its release or that the company be ordered to pay for customers’ bumpers.” In other words, iPhone 4 cases should be free for the customers who preordered, assuming that everyone is now privy to the fact that the reception on the phone is horrible, and therefore, shouldn’t buy one.
 Claims that Apple and AT&T “actively suppressed and concealed” the phone’s problem before releasing it have not yet been tried by jury.



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